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Your Provider for Utilidors and Insulation Services in Grande Prairie

Utilidors are made of insulated polyurethane foam panels and are ideal for insulating a group of pipes (pipe rack) rather than each line individually. Because it takes less material to insulate a group of pipes than individual pipes in a rack, a utilidor is a cost-effective means of decreasing heat loss and increasing energy efficiency.

Utilidors are another application for polyurethane building panels since they insulate pipes, improve energy efficiency and enhance profitability. You must also know that the size of the panel varies for each project. We offer multiple colours for utilidors and believe that no job is too big or small. Please contact or email our staff to let us know what you need. We can talk about your requirements and offer a thorough estimate for utilidors and services in Grande Prairie.

What Are Utilidors?

Utility corridors or utilidors facilitate pipe insulation. They are made up of polyurethane foam insulated panels and are ideal for pipe racks, generators, meter skids, etc. If you want to reflect or hold heat effectively in a building, the galvanized layers of utilidors play a crucial role. They boost energy efficiency by adding heat to the structure. It is an affordable and easy solution to protect against heat loss as less material is required to insulate a piping group as compared to insulating every pipe. This is useful when skirting is needed on trailers, compressor buildings or any other building structure to retain heat. Utilidor tank panels are also available for varied applications, starting from 400 barrel tanks and up. Cavalier Construction Corp. can provide steel skids or bases for any application.

Benefits of Utilidors

Here is why you should opt for utilidors:

Polyurethane insulation and high R-value

Minimal maintenance cost

Long-lasting finish

Quicker, simpler and weather-resistant installation

Environmental friendly



Why Choose Cavalier Construction Corp.?

At Cavalier Construction Corp., we are committed to high levels of integrity and customer satisfaction. Find below more reasons to choose us!

Extremely competitively priced

Free consultation

Over 25 years supporting the Canadian oilfield and construction industries

Locally owned and operated

A view of large yellow utilidor system from underneath with number 6 written on it


A view of yellow utilidor system


Other Insulation Products and Services

You can count on us for additional services such as reusable insulation covers, glycol steam tracing systems, and tanks and vessel insulation.

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