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Reusable Insulation Covers in Grande Prairie

Cavalier Construction Corp. has provided services to the oil and gas industry throughout Grande Prairie, Northern BC, Northern Alberta and surrounding areas for over two decades. You can count on us for various peripheral services and products, which include:

Reusable Insulation Covers

Insulating valves and tracing lines with reusable insulation covers and tracer wraps are excellent options. The covers and tracer wraps are made of a tough, flame-proof and chemical-resistant material that is simple to install and remove. Covers are custom-made for a precise fit, resulting in increased energy efficiency and cost savings. Other features include:

Chemical and flame-proof

Improve worker safety on a regular basis

Detachable and reusable

Made to order

Heat loss can be reduced by covering exposed heat traces/glycol lines

Improving temperature control in products

The access valve is simple to remove and reinstall

All of the factors listed above work together to limit the negative impact on the environment as much as possible. Tracer wrap insulation is often used on stainless steel tubing lines as temporary insulation, hard access locations for union access, and to maintain continuous working temperatures while providing personal safety.


Glycol Steam Heat Tracing Systems

Glycol steam tracing systems utilize a closed-loop circulation system to transmit heat to pipes beneath insulation through a series of stainless steel tubing lines. It is for freeze protection in the case of a protracted spell of extremely cold weather, which is common in western Alberta and British Columbia.

To compensate for heat losses and prevent pipes from freezing, a combination of trace heating and proper thermal insulation successfully maintains a thermal balance. The heat output from the trace heating equals the heat loss from the pipe. Each system must be custom-designed to meet the unique needs of each circumstance. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Tank and Vessel Insulation

Another building service provided by Cavalier Construction Corp. is the insulation of tanks and vessels with polyurethane panels. Polyurethane panels can be used to insulate tanks and vessels. Galvalume, galvanized, pre-painted, and aluminum panels are also available. The difference between these panels and those used for buildings is that only one side of the panel has skin. On the other side, the polyurethane is scored to allow it to form around the tank. The panels are secured to the tanks with stainless steel strapping. When handled with the proper materials and insulating procedures, the benefits are significant, including:

CO2 emission reduction

High-temperature protection

Heat loss reduction

Noise cancellation

Preventing condensation

Process control entails ensuring the temperature of the process remains stable

Protection against frost

Saving on expenses


Why Choose Cavalier Construction Corp.?

At Cavalier Construction Corp., we are committed to high levels of integrity and customer satisfaction. Find below more reasons to choose us!

Extremely competitively priced

Free consultation

Over 25 years supporting the Canadian oilfield and construction industries

Locally owned and operated

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